China’s Black Box For Blockbusters Riles Hollywood Studios

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 29, arrived at the Hollywood nightclub Tru just after midnight with a large group of friends Monday night that included her best friend Malika Haqq and rapper The Game (real name: Jayceon Terrell Taylor). Clad in black skinny jeans, a T-shirt and a satin bomber jacket embroidered with the word “Girls,” Kardashian who recently revealed her estranged husband Lamar Odom, 33, is very depressed stuck close to Haqq throughout the night while hanging out at a table. “She seemed really uncomfortable,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE. “She was constantly playing with her hair with her left hand almost as if to show off that she was wearing her wedding ring. It seemed very intentional.” Sipping on a vodka cranberry and a glass of champagne throughout the night, Kardashian bobbed her head to the music and whispered occasionally with The Game, though “there wasn’t anything that made the two look like they were anything more than friends,” adds the source. Just after 2 a.m., the reality star who gamely posed for fan photos inside the club headed out with her entourage. Later, Kardashian fired off a series of Tweets about love. PHOTOS: Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom: Their Marriage Ups and Downs “Not all scars can be seen and not all love can be explained. The deepest love is also the hardest to express. Only those in it, understand,” she wrote . She followed it with , “If I love u. Its a deep 4ever love.

Khloé Kardashian Parties in Hollywood, Tweets About ‘Real Love’

But among U.S. studios it is notorious for uploading hundreds of copyrighted movies and evading tens of millions of dollars in licensing fees. Chinese production houses also say theyre being cheated. If you ask anyone in China theyll tell you Future TV is a pirate, says a U.S. studio executive in Beijing. Future pitches itself as a fledgling that needs Hollywoods support. Yet its biggest shareholder is CCTV, Chinas state-owned broadcaster, which enjoys huge subsidies and sells $3.6 billion a year in advertising. Futures other investor is Tencent Holdings Tencent Holdings , Chinas largest Internet firm, with $9.7 billion in revenue. And Futures main hardware partner is Xiaomi Corp., a midprice-smartphone maker that outsells Apple’s Apple’s iPhone in China. A Xiaomi set-top box costs only $50 and streams free content, from Chinese costume dramas to U.S. blockbusters. Xiaomi expects to sell a million boxes this year in a market expected to sell 10 million overall.

Hollywood hasn’t stopped indulging stars’ addictions

Photograph by: Kevin Winter, Getty Images Files , Postmedia News Should you ever have the misfortune to stumble onto a godawful 1974 movie called The Klansman, it will quickly become evident that Richard Burton is drunk on screen. As for co-star Lee Marvin, although he doesn’t quite match Burton’s condition of rheumy-eyed catatonia, he gives every indication of suffering from a monstrous hangover. Both actors brought their booze problem onto the set – yet producers tolerated it and filmed anyway. They had hired Burton and Marvin knowing full well they were drunks. Paramount was still prepared to cough up the extra insurance for its dangerously combustible stars and tolerate their condition. Forty years later, Hollywood still shows remarkable forbearance toward its errant talent. Consider the tragedy of Canadian-born Cory Monteith. To be sure, the tearful tribute scheduled for Thursday night’s episode of Glee is no doubt inevitable. Monteith had made lovable jock Finn Hudson an endearing character on the hit Fox series. But the circumstances of his July death still throw a bleak shadow over this televised memorial: The final coroner’s report confirmed that Calgary-born, Victoria-raised Monteith was shooting heroin and drinking champagne when he died in a Vancouver hotel room the night of July 12. This week, Time magazine commentator David Sheff rightly worried about the probability of romanticizing what he bluntly described as “a ghastly, lonely death” and of sanitizing the details. But beyond that, there are valid questions about how the entertainment industry responds to the recurring problem of substance abuse within its ranks and its frequent readiness to look the other way until matters spin out of control. This, after all, is a culture that accommodated River Phoenix’s descent into a drug-induced death on a sidewalk outside Johnny Depp’s Viper Club and turned a blind eye to Kelsey Grammer’s booze problem until the star of TV’s Frasier totalled his car and ended up in the Betty Ford rehabilitation centre. In the case of Monteith, whose drug problems began in his early teens, there was some evidence of caring. Glee creator Ryan Murphy and Monteith’s fellow cast members mounted a rescue mission last spring to get him into rehab.

Deadline Hollywood’s Long Island Film Bureau Heads West Next Month

I coached their soccer teams; I made every game, saw every dance recital, attended every school play, put money under the pillow for every lost tooth. I cant say how many times I would tell an agent or studio executive to hold on while I reeled in a fish on the boat. I always felt I was getting away with something. My oldest daughter is 23 and lives in Boston, my son is busy at college and my youngest is a self-sufficient high school junior consumed with her cross country time. It feels like a good time for a new adventure. All these years when I took week long LA trips by myself, Id pack in 30 meetings and go all hours, a pace I will do my best to replicate. More face time will do me good, as will the motivation to shed the 40 or so pounds Ive gained since I joined Deadline and started filing up to 15 stories per day. At Daily Variety, notching three front page stories and one on page 3 was a great day. Here, you often do that by lunch and its a lot of stress and that is the downside of working at a home with a stocked fridge. I put that boat in a dock space around Memorial Day, and didnt turn the engine over once this summer. Too busy.